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At JJ Insurance, we have more than 30 years of experience providing commercial insurance solutions to our clients in Colorado. As an independent insurance agency, we have the ability to access our network of insurance providers to find a wide range of coverages that meet the needs of area businesses.


There are many types of commercial insurance coverage. These types of coverage will depend on each business’s individual needs, yet some coverage types are universal. For example, all business owners will need some type of liability insurance policy in place. Most business owners may require property coverage. As an employer in the state of Colorado, you are required by state law to cover all your employees under workers compensation.


Types of Commercial Insurance Explained


Property insurance covers the risk of loss to commercial buildings, fixtures, equipment, inventory, supplies, business records, and other types of physical items. This insurance may cover: Direct loss is a situation where the property is damaged, destroyed or stolen.


General liability insurance provides protection against claims damage or injury that may be made by other parties.


Casualty insurance consists primarily of liability coverage, which protects an insured party against injury or damage claims made by other parties. Our polices can provide for protection for liability from situations such as:


  • Operation and premises

  • Advertising and personal injury

  • Medical Payments

  • Completed/products operations

  • Fire


As part of our full line of commercial insurance products, we also offer the following:


  • Business auto insurance

  • Workers compensation

  • Directors and officers liability

  • Professional liability

  • Bonds

  • Employment practices liability insurance

  • Errors and omissions liability

  • Employee benefits liability

  • Excess liability (umbrella) insurance


Combine Policies into a Single Package


Consider a business owners package that will combine liability, property, and other coverage into one policy. Combining your policies into one package can save you both time and money.


Contact us today for a quote on these and other insurance products. We’ll look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our family.

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