5 Ways to Prevent Digital Overload

Digital overload is exactly what it sounds like, an overwhelming flood of information and stimulation from digital devices, and according to a survey from Microsoft it effects at least 34 percent of all employees. What’s more is this near-constant access to digital technology can be stress inducing, which could negatively impact your mental well-being.

To ensure that you avoid digital overload, considering adopting these five beneficial practices:

  • Leave your phone outside the bedroom at night: According to a survey conducted by Personnel Today, 4 out of 5 people use their phones as an alarm clock. This may seem harmless, but the light emitted by your phone negatively affects levels of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.

  • Keep your phone out of reach at home: Keeping your phone physically out of reach can help you use it less. That way, your body will be able to maintain its natural sleep cycle more easily.

  • Turn off notifications and use ‘airplane mode’: Turn off all of your phone’s notifications to make sure that you are not disturbed during sleep.

  • Take physical notes: Instead of reaching for your phone every time you feel the need to look something up, make a note and then check a number of items at once when you have a sizeable list.

  • Practice mindfulness: Try reading a book, going outdoors or interacting with people in person rather than digitally.


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