Umbrella Insurance

Let JJ Insurance Shield You From Hefty Liability Risks With Umbrella Insurance


Most people have what they consider to be adequate insurance on their homes and personal property. They don’t think about what would happen if an accident caused damages beyond the limits of a standard home or auto policy. When big accidents happen, umbrella insurance can take the fall.


The agents at JJ Insurance can guide you through the process to determine if this type of insurance is beneficial to your particular situation. We are an independent insurance agency and, as such, have access to many carriers. This means that we can shop multiple carriers to find the right coverage for our clients.

About Umbrella Insurance


Umbrella insurance is a type of policy that provides protection for the assets and income of the insured, in addition to the primary policies that are in place. This type of insurance fills in coverage gaps that may exist in those primary policies.


Generally, an umbrella policy is considered to be pure liability coverage that provides additional protection above that which is provided by the regular policy. This type of policy can also provide coverage for claims that may not be covered by primary policies such as invasion of privacy, slander/libel, and false arrest.


How it Works


Umbrella policies are usually purchased in one million dollar increments. If the policy holder has a homeowners policy with a liability limit of $200,000, and an auto policy with a limit of $400,000, with an umbrella policy in place the limits become $1,200,000 on the homeowners policy and $1,400,000 on the auto policy.


The agents at JJ Insurance can provide more information about umbrella policies and how they can affect your overall insurance programs. They will use their experience and knowledge to determine the best programs for your individual needs.


For more information on umbrella policies and other insurance plans call the agents at JJ Insurance today by dialing 303.871.8880. When you work with us, you’re family. That’s how we think of you and that’s how we’ll protect your family.

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